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Making a Dream  Album Reality

'Back Christy ' has been set-up by a group of lifelong fans of the legend that is Christy Dignam, to enable his dream of making a solo album, come true.

Christy's magnetic presence on a stage, unique voice,  rollercoaster life story of successes and tragedies combined with his his raw honesty; secured him a special place in the hearts of so many people.  

In 2013 he was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called amyloidosis.  Tragically, this is a terminal illness. 

Last year, Christy lost his father to Covid, and also his beloved dog Jack, who had been his constant companion for 12 years, all while undergoing Chemo. This would break the spirit of so many but not Christy Dignam.

His longtime friend, singer/songwriter and producer, Don Mescall, wanting to find some way to lift Christy's spirits, proposed that they set to work on Christy's solo album - an idea that they had discussed over the years. Christy decided to 'take the bull by the horns'. 


Despite the state of his health, Christy's sheer determination and unflinching commitment to making this album is inspiring; it is shaping up to be something very special.

The album is aptly named: 

'The man who stayed alive'.

With the help of the 'BackChristy campaign, the album was released in October, 2021. 

Thank you to all who came on board  and supported the making of this wonderful album.